Who are we?

BUILDING LAB. is a laboratory of civil engineering construction and civil engineering, approved by the state. It was created in 2007, accounts for the entire construction chain by contributing its technical, scientific and human expertise in many areas: buildings, bridges, roads, industrial facilities, historical monuments, houses ...

BUILDING LAB. is recognized as a major player with more than 20 areas of expertise, including:

  • Geotechnical, where the group has 20 years of engineering experience in soil mechanics,
  • The diagnosis of pathology structures and materials,
  • Testing and certification for construction products,
  • Technical assistance by telephone or internet,
  • Regulatory watch ...

BUILDING LAB. offers a unique center of expertise for all actors in the building: building owners, project works, construction companies, engineering firms, offices of controls, industrial experts, local authorities, architects.

PDG Building Lab Mustapha NAJIHI
President of the Management Board
« BUILDING LAB. group is growing steadily with A shared goal and shared values. »

BUILDING LAB. philosophy

The strength of the company is based on big ideas:


implement when and where it is needed, human resources and disability equipment. BUILDING LAB. provides a personalized response to all kinds of tests on building materials and rehabilitation of public and private buildings. BUILDING LAB. brings all the skills: suitable equipment fleet, varied and very sophisticated, a coaching staff and qualified team, giving it independence and complete autonomy.


BUILDING LAB. is based on three logical business and wants to find growth opportunities in other occupations or niches. Diversification is also looking for the best possible balance between private clients and public clients. The group needs to anticipate market developments to better understand emerging trends and behavioral changes facing the scarcity and rising energy. Diversification and anticipation are key development that should also explore new geographic territories factors.


The success of the group BUILDING LAB. is its desire to remain independent, both in the composition of its capital in its investments or the control of its expertise. The group is based on three values:


Our organization

The organisation of BUILDING LAB. turned on the scientific and technical priorities to meet the major tasks and demands of customers and partners.
In May 2014, the total number of BUILDING LAB. is between 10 and 50 employees.